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045 - Red Romina - Star Trek, Rejecting 9 to 5, The Business of Content Creation

"You have to start expressing yourself and putting yourself out there In order to figure out what your voice is." - Romina, also known as REDROMINA online, is a creative entrepreneur creating video content online and offline. Travel vlogs and tips, entrepreneurship, and style content amassing over 5M+ views and over a decade of work. Aside from the business of entertainment, Romina is also a creative as a published author, performer, podcast host and public speaker.

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036 - Online Marketing, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship - CEO of Goboto Daran Herrman

Daran Herrman is the CEO of online marketing company Goboto, He also utilizes his creative side of photography and video with his company Colored Lion. In this episode we go into depth about influencer marketing from a business and brand ambassador standpoint. Some talk on general online marketing strategy in 2019, and the tips for running a business while also being a creative yourself.

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