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028 - Brad Nietfeldt - Early Days of PayPal, Philanthropy, and Creative Management Wizardry

Brad Nietfeldt is one of the most sought after digital marketing gurus in America. His entrepreneurial career involves producing music, successful tech start ups, working for several fortune 500 companies and in his early 20s he was the lead developer at PayPal/eBay. Currently, Brad has a few brands that give 100% of their profits to charity and he runs a faith-based creative management firm based in Omaha (OMG or Omaha Media Group). OMG has offices in Austin, Denver, Miami, and New York City. Topics covered range from Brad's history in web and app development to his altruistic approach to everything in life, as well as his support and philanthropy for the Madonna Rehab Center.

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005 - Yellow Bird Hot Sauce Co-Founder George Milton

Yellowbird Hot Sauce - Learning from Failure - From Local Piano Player to Ubiquitous Hot Sauce Brand How co-founder of Yellowbird Sauce, George Milton, started making homemade hot sauce to sell on the side during his music gigs that turned into a full time entrepreneurial business.

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